Sunday, July 25, 2010


There comes a time to every runner when you just know this is where you're supposed to be and you thank God he allowed you to be there. This morning, I was running a a rather short, uninspiring run, in incredibly hot and humid conditions with 5-6 of my friends. We were taking turns about who could whine the most when we noticed a rainbow beginning to form in the clearing skies. It stayed in front of us and as we kept running, a second, though fainter one appeared. By the time we reached our waterstop a few minutes later, we were absolutely awed - the rainbow was one of the brightest I have ever seen and extended completely across the sky. At our waterstop, there is an open field that extends maybe a quarter of a mile, and there we
actually saw the end of that rainbow touching the ground! I have NEVER seen THE END OF THE RAINBOW until this morning. Of course, none of us had a camera, but that's ok. We all have the memory. We all ran towards the rainbow, but it quickly faded back up into the sky, and no, we didn't find the Pot of Gold. We found something much more precious. Yeah, it was hot,
it was humid, my joints ached, but for a brief time this morning, it was wonderful. Just felt like sharing it with you all.
Have a good week - AL


Bob Evans said...

Very cool. I did the Tour de Cahaba and we saw it from behind Cahaba Cycles in Homewood too.

Anonymous said...

Al - Lovely words, lovely sentiment. Well written.