Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guess Who's Ship Came In?

"I have a feeling that when my ship comes in I’ll be at the airport." - Charles M. Schulz

Millionaire!! That has a such a nice ring to it. Some days I can just thank my stars that my luck has been more than I could ever hope for. This has been one unbelievable week. I just can't believe that the stars have aligned like they have. While all of you are worrying about the economy and how to pay your bills...I don't have to ANYMORE!! Know why?? BECAUSE I'M A MILLIONAIRE...that's why!! Hahahahaha!

It all began early this week when I woke up as usual by waking up (Yep, that's how I do my eyes and I'm up). I put on my running clothes in the pitch black, thinking of my day at work ahead of me, had my usual smooth "hop-out-of-the-sack, legs-as-stiff-as-telephone-poles" morning run. I showered, dressed, and sat down for a minute before going to work by checking Twitter and the email I had gotten during the night. Usually, those emails just tell me what soccer games are being televised that day on stations that I don't get on my cable, or the day's specials from Office Depot, or the Runner's World Daily News. And that's when my whole life changed right then and there.

So I had two emails. One from Office Depot about a $10 coupon if I spend 50 bucks...but who needs that now? Huh? Because I'm a millionaire and could buy Office Depot! That's because the other email was from someone named Maria Borin da Cunha (Actually it was "From the Desk of..."). Talk about regal names. It's certainly a name I'll never forget. She has a title of Legal Adviser. Anyway, in her email that began "Hello Dear Friend" (which immediately put me at ease) she stated that she was representing a couple in England that had won a lottery worth 101 million pounds. I don't know if that's the currency or the weight, but it sure does sound like a heap of coin! This (very large-hearted) couple decided this was WAY too much money for them, so they are donating much of it to charities. However, to add a little frivolity to their fortunes, they decided to give one million pounds (again not clear: weight vs. currency) to 20 anonymous folks. One guess who one of these fortunate (and well-deserving) individuals is - yes, ME!!! All I have to do is send them a confirmation email with some personal info just to verify I really am me, and it's all mine! How easy is that? It can't be a scheme or a scam, because Ms. Cunha says she is a legal adviser and you know you can't throw that title around casually.

I have no idea what I'll do with this 500 tons of money (assuming this is weight based). Can finally get that computer tablet, a spare pair of Hokas, and might join the Pasta-of-the-Month Club. Oh sure, I'll give some to a few common folk because I'll never forget the little people, and I'll still put water out on Sunday mornings for our run (or hire somebody to do it). And just because I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams, don't feel anything is different between me, and you, my fellow runners. If you have any training questions, I'm still willing to answer your concerns - just call my secretary and make an appointment when we can talk.

Ok guys, I have to get all this info together for Ms. Cunha and email it back to her so we can get this ball rolling. I am so stoked. Hope Bill Gates doesn't become a pest wanting some advice all the time. Well, Sunday morning is off limits, because that's when I'll continue to see you all on the roads - AL

PS - Before I forget, be sure to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight. Now, don't ask me what happens if you don't. When you show up at NBC in the morning, either there will be a parking lot full and no runners (you're an hour late), or you'll show up at NBC and the parking lot will be empty (you're an hour early). Just be sure to get up at 2:00 AM so you turn the clock ahead at the right time! I was reading in the paper about Indiana. Most of Indiana has just ignored DST since the 70's, but (follow along now) 77 counties observed Eastern Time without changing their clocks, 5 counties were on Eastern time and observed DST, and 10 were on Central Time observing DST!!! Just use a sundial and forget about catching any of your favorite shows on TV!!

"One child lost is too child saved can change the world"

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Gretchen said...

it was fun seeing you yesterday! good luck with all that new loot! :)