Saturday, December 15, 2012

Piles of My Stuff

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans” - John Lennon

Good grief! Have you ever looked around and seen how much room your running stuff consumes? I mean, I was thinking that I have little stuff to speak of and if you concentrated my stuff into one pile, that pile would be pretty puny. That was UNTIL I took a quick inventory. I won't even count all my old running shoes since I just donated a slue of shoes that were worn out or just didn't work out for me (I guess they weren't fast enough). Even after this generous donation, I still have 3 road pair (1 old for rain, one new for everyday, and 1, that despite having more miles than the tires on my car, I surprisingly just wear for long runs - don't ask!), and 3 trail pair (1 Hokas, 1 high top, and 1 pair of Merrells that for some reason I can't part with). So, what's left? Here's an inventory:
3 drawers -
Drawer #1 is just for cold weather! You see, I hate cold weather and refuse to EVER be unprepared. Don't know what to buy me? Get something to keep me from feeling cold and you're safe. I've got something like 16 long sleeve shirts, but I'm so anal, I have them split into LIGHT long sleeves in one stack and heavier ones in another! Then there are (Good God) 12 pairs of gloves of various protection, 3 tobaggon hats, and arm sleeves.
Drawer #2 houses all my shorts and tons of shortsleeve shirts separated into 3 stacks - technical, cotton, and singlets. Also, in this drawer are two pair of  worn-once-in-a-while compression socks. I like the idea of the compression socks, but mostly just for recovery. I haven't quite been able to hurdle the "dorky" aspect of wearing them on a run.
And then Drawer #3 are my socks, sweat cloths, and as an overflow from Drawer #1, my cold-weather tights and the all-important windbriefs (Don't laugh - you don't know the thrill of getting caught without them on a 20 degree windy day!).

Ok, so now let's move on to my closet. We have a windshirt (which is great), one running vest (also great), one cycling rainjacket, one perfect lightweight technical, waterproof, breathable rainjacket, a nylon running suit, and 6 pairs of various weight and material running pants (though I hardly EVER wear pants when running). In addition is my most used jacket - a non-breathable, non-waterproof Tyvek Extra-Large jacket that I picked up as a $5 throwaway at an Expo at least 9 years ago! You've all seen them - white, thin, funky feeling. You'd think this thing would have been discarded long ago, but it has been to a ton of ultramarathons with me because it's light as a feather, can be stuffed literally into a  pocket, and if it's warmth you're looking for, remember, it doesn't breathe, but if it's real cold out, believe me, you won't sweat up a storm. I wear it on most of my early morning, dark, cold runs because of the above accolades plus it's white, so I wear it under my reflective vest - perfect. Oh yeah, did I mention it was 5 bucks? Pick one up at your next Expo - I know Mercedes will have them, but I think they're up to $7 now. Oh, and don't forget the 15 or so hats I have to run in...what do I need 15 hats for? There are only 2-3 different ones I wear. But don't even talk to me about which ones I would get rid of. Any runner understands this line of thinking.

So now we move to my downstairs closet. Here is a box that houses my 2 waterbottle belts (each with one 20oz waterbottle) and one Fuelbelt with 2 8oz bottles. There is also 2 handheld bottles, one of which I use MUCH more than any of the belts or the other handheld. In addition, for some reason that completely eludes me, in this box are also 6 loose waterbottles. Do I think I'll keep these in case the other waterbottles wear out? I don't know. I really don't. Also, in another area in the closet are one box of Gu and two boxes of Clif Bars. Oh, don't forget the carton of recovery Boost and the box of the VERY important HotHands. 

So, you can see the pile just grows and grows. I go to the local running stores or to a race expo and just stare aimlessly saying "I really don't need anything". It's almost disappointing not to be snapping up new stuff, but doggone it, I've got way more than enough old stuff. And I'm sure you do too...oh yes you do - just look around. But, like me, just try to clean out a little...ha, that's a good one. Too many memories in all that junk. And no need to beat around the bush - you're going to just add to it. 

Ok guys, that's about it except to let you know that if you're training with us for the Mercedes Marathon, we have scheduled two training runs on the marathon course for 1/13 & 2/3. Details to follow (or if you can't wait, just email me). In the meantime, stay warm and I'll see you on the roads - AL

"One child lost is too child saved can change the world" 

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Sam Anabtawi said...

I was wondering how you end up with so much running stuff then I had my first Christmas as a runner! I STOCKED up! I guess I dropped one too many "want running stuff" hints.